Player building under ground


It is already processed thank you.

Posting like this is against forum rules. If you would like to report someone undermeshing, use the proper procedures that are listed here. Good luck.

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forum police are gonna getcha

@Multigun is just trying to lead poster in the right direction otherwise there efforts are completely waisted.

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What @sestus2009 said. I don’t make the rules, or enforce them. The forum rules specifically say that name and shaming isn’t allowed, and such threads will be hidden and closed. If they want real action taken, do so in the method that Funcom has outlined, or all of their efforts will be for nothing.


sorry, which is the correct address for
make a claim?

exist any section?
any moderator to help this?


I’ll try?
do I have to delete this?

It’s all in the thread I linked, but to make it easier to spot, here are the instructions.

You should probably close the thread yes.

how to closes the thread please?

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