Player Character floating along buildings

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Oceania

Firstly, I have a DVR link of this hppening, but I can’t include it as I’m a new user. Will comment it if possible.

When logging in near a building (although this can happen whenever a building renders in general, its more frequent when initially logging in), pretty much every time I attempt to enter it/ walk on it/ whatever my character phases through the building blocks (but not placeables like carpets or workstation). Sometimes its only on a specific type, square foundations for example, though most times its evey piece.

In larger buidlings such as a continuous wall around a base it’ll affect the whole thing. When this bug is occuring, affected building pieces cannot be interacted with (as in, cannot dismantle them or snap other pieces onto them, can’t even repair them), nor do they provide any level of shelter (so a sandstorm will still kill you if you try and hide in a bugged building, as will temperature extremes).

Any AI can interact with the building normally, pathing over bridges and through doorways etc without phasing through them, even when the player cannot.

The only way to get the building to behave itselft is to force my client to re-load it, by re-logging to the server (which only occasionally work) or travelling a great distance away and returning.

Just a bit of extra detail, I believe this could be caused by having lots of large buildings close together, yet again it still happens with smaller structures sometimes. Perhaps its even a server issue?

I’ve been having this issue since late in the game preview when I started playing on servers in general and its persisted for this long. My clanmates have had the same issue as well.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in close to or on a building
  2. Attempt to walk around or otherwise use the building as normal
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