Player corpses shall not give resources

I lately joined a clan and as so often they turned out to be toxic and their plan was to make a megaclan and oppress and harrass the server and build structures so big that thier base cant be raided because you see one frame per second.
I left this clan quickly ofc, but what annoyed me most was, that they literally all killed themself over and over for harvesting the skins. What gameplay is this ? My ■■■ .

I think there should be a cap on how spawning in the same bed/bedroll
the game RUST has a nice solution , they increase the spawn time a little everytime you die

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Well, if they have fun killing themselves over and over for a few hides… there are better ways for getting hides.


Every time I die, I will skin my corpse for the hides. Frankly speaking, this feels a little bit too convenient to me. I don’t say that it shouldn’t be a thing, but it does need some more thought. :joy:


Maybe limit the one able to do the skinning to be our enemy, not us or our allies. This way each kill rewards the one who gets us killed and if they won’t skin our corpse before we respawn, our corpse vanishes and is replaced by a tombstone that has our stuff in it. To retrieve our stuff, we need to find the location of course and then break the tombstone.

Speaking of tombstones, that would be a nice decorative item surely. I need them! :joy:

Surely the reason they’d be killing and harvesting their bodies is to easily collect a religious item drop to generate manifestations of zeal??

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That would work well too. Maybe too well, that is.


Would suit well as a racial perk for the Darfari. :joy:

exactly, we see how much more such an stupid mechanic can be abused , grinding for a god? np kill yourself over and over and farm you, you dont even have to leave your base…

I never thought to chain suicide at my base to collect religious items for manifestation of zeal, while reading about it here it seems so obvious…:stuck_out_tongue:

Not very efficient if solo on a server where you drop items upon death. Perhaps a different issue if clan mate harvests other clan mates corpses.

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