Player dead inside the base, outside raiding times

There was a corpse of a player in our base outside raiding times, on pvp server.
The benches were empty, where the corpse was. No walls was broken, well it cant be since was outside raiding times, have screenshot. I tought this was fixed?

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Dead inside? Could u access his body? Any base dmg at all etc

It was a corpse, naked inside the base, outside raiding time. Our benches were empty, I assumed he thru stuff on ground and it disappeared, but I really can not say for sure what happend. All I know his body was inside our base, outside raiding time. How did he get inside? Without destroying the walls?

Walls spawn glitch is dead af far as i know which is why i asked my q’s. Send pic to devs n see wot they think. Doesn’t help u now i know but it helps them n may get ur stuff sorted too

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