Player flats (player housing)....hear me out

I like player housing in MMO’s if it’s done well. The museum, IMHO, could not necessarily be housing but definitely more useful as housing.

Have it where you can set the access to open for visitors (and ANYONE can open the doors to the exhibits).
Add some dropped items in game - rugs/paintings/statues/other that could be added or changed out with existing
Make a lounge type area for RPers to entertain or studio apartment with fixed furniture or things that can be unlocked.

Understandably it’s a low priority with FC as the $$ aren’t there, but the museum as it stands is a bit of a waste other than for some of us that just like doing it. Pretty much like the faction cities - game assets that are very under utilized now.

Agree on the museum being just in London. I wouldn’t be curating/building a museum in London if I was a Lumie or Dragon - just feels wrong.

They don’t want to add it unless it’s done right, and they don’t have enough people on the team to do it right without putting everything else on hold for who knows how long.

It’d be nice if they got a bigger team, but it seems clear that the suits in charge have decided that this game needs to do as much as it can with as little investment as possible, rather than putting more investment into it to reach for even more return.

Seems that Conan Exiles / the Conan IP is where they’re willing to do the investing and reaching. Given that CE has apparently sold a million units (and something like 300k the first week when it first came out?) I don’t see the ‘suits’ changing their minds.

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I heard that they have housing in Conan Exiles :3


I wondered who would say it :wink:

I also heard there’s a different engine that maybe plays into that :smiley:

I also heard they have a really big amount of players. Maybe that plays into that :slight_smile:

I mean, if we’re listing obvious reasons as to why Conan Exiles has housing, there’s the fact that player-built housing was part of their design philosophy for the game from day one.

So Housing, Eh?

Just wanted to let you know that I am reading this thread in 2022.

what am i missing?

A capital W at the start of your sentence.

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