Player Idle Hunger & Thirst values are being overwritten/omitted from config on server start

Changing the in-game idle hunger/thirst slider does nothing and returns to it’s default (1.0) and will not keep the setting. All the other in-game sliders correctly modify and keep values except for this one.

So, I tried stopping the server, edit ServerSettings.ini via FTP and confirm there is no line or value for those settings. So, I manually add the lines and save config. I reopen the config to confirm the edit saved. All good.


Ok, great. I start the server, then re-check the ServerSettings.ini file for the correct lines via FTP as I noticed the timestamp on the file changed. (??)

I discover that on server start, it overwrites the config file on start up, and completely omits the lines for PlayerIdleThirst/Hunger values. Say what?

Anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas what could be up?

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Hi there,

I have moved this thread to the PC Updates and Bug Reports for more visibility on the issue.

I can confirm this.

I tried severeal mal to alter the iddle-thirst and iddle-hunger setttings, and on SP and on server.

Update: I seem to have gotten a functioning work around to this issue thanks to the fine community at the Conan Exiles Admin Discord. (many thanks to @Dateranoth)

It appears the display of 1.0 (1.000000) in the game client is false and only a display issue. If you change any other admin values it DOES write that 1.0 value to the Idle hunger/thirst and you are stuck with it ticking away. It will always revert to display the default value no matter what you actually set.

Solution: Go to the in-game Server Settings (need to be an admin) and go to the Survival view that has these value settings. Change the slider values for idle thirst/hunger to your desired settings and hit apply. Esc out of menus.

Now, use the console to enter the following and cofirm:
GetServerSetting PlayerIdleHungerMultiplier

You should see the value you just set returned from the ServerSettings.ini. This value should hold on a server restart.

If any setting is changed from the in-game values (other than the idle hunger/thirst) it will write that pesky 1.0 value back to those settings. So, be sure after you change any apply any other setting, that you go back to the idle values and change them to your desired and apply again. If you are using any kind of server control panel like on Gportal or Survival Servers, it may add a layer to this issue but not sure. I now avoid those and do all my edits directly to the ServerSettings.ini.

Hope this helps others. I was really glad to learn a workaround to this annoying issue.

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