Player land grabbing all good building locations

I am on server 3325 and one player has run up and down the rivers and placed a sandstone foundation and a standing torch. Has restricted every players ability to grow and build in any good area. How do we get rid of these things?

Pvp? If so just trebuchet them.

Pve? Switch servers

Yep, exactly what Nutritrousapples says - or find a private server that is actively moderated. If you really really really love that server, get together a bunch of friends, get them to get Conan Exiles, and make a clan or two of your own. remove the abusive building pieces.

Edited: Um…what on earth do you mean ‘taking all the good build locations’? All rivers? Everywhere? I doubt that is even possible - because how can they know when you have destroyed some in the far north, the swungle, the south and the near north? Some of the very ‘best’ locations are in the SE and the N and the far N, etc. Where’s this person’s main base? If they are trying to grief the server with spam block-builds, the ‘wipe them out. all of them’. lol