Player Level up

I think you guys should increase the player level since you guys are always adding in new content, us players would really love it if you guys did, just a thought

Please don’t speak in general for “all players”, I myself don’t like too many levels and it really doesnt fit in this type of game, its not a MMO, actually it would be better without levels.


The game needs more levels, and LOTS of them!

the game or you?

Wow, your intellectual prowess is truly something not to admire …those funcom lacky’s and wannabe’s are worse than parasites, you’d think these dummies would be a bit more forgiving since they work and suck up for a company that just ripped off a few hundred thousand gamers, the stinking shysters, way to go, funcum lackey’s.

Mine or yours?

and your internal fortitude is pretty weak as well, you can dish it out but can’t take it.

The new content has so far not increased the difficulty of the game so I don’t see why the level cap should increase.
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