Player Leveling

Been playing in single player for months now (several restarts… I just love starting over with new parameters like a fresh game each time). But one thing I’ve noticed is that my character seems to level really, really fast in the beginning, but take a long time to level towards the end. I was wondering if there was a mod or admin setting that would let me do just the opposite…

I mean, I like the early struggle: stone tools, hunting for food, tents for shelters. I’d like the struggle of the early levels to last longer. The early levels seem to pass by way too quickly. And towards the end, with hardened steel and search out star metal… that seems to take way too long. Is there any kind of rebalance that can lengthen the beginning and shorten the ‘ending’? I’m not looking for a flat XP addition or subtraction, but rather a curve to the leveling experience.

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