Player Names and Log information

Hello Exiles :slight_smile:

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your input on the Poll we created to get feedback on player names being shown in logs.

We are aware that using a forum poll for this is not ideal. It will never be able to catch everyone’s opinion because not everyone who plays Conan Exiles is visiting these parts of the woods. We’re also aware that some of you were voting on server settings you most likely do not play on. We hope you understand that this is not fair towards your fellow players and makes it much more difficult for us to work with the community as a whole, which we very much would like to be able to do.

For the future, we are looking into better alternatives so we do not only have to use forum polls and will also make sure if polls are used as one means, they are better controlled in regards to voting options (creating new accounts to influence the results, for one).

Official Servers

With that said, for now, we decided to go with the poll results for the following for two reasons:

  1. The polls were still quite overwhelming in favor of one option
  2. It is the input we got to judge your interest with at this time.

  • Official PvP Servers will get the player names re-enabled.
  • Official PvE Servers will get the player names re-enabled.
  • Official Pve-C Servers will get the player names re-enabled.

We will absolutely keep an eye on player feedback on this matter.
The new settings will be adjusted today and all servers should have it adjusted and active after daily restarts tomorrow (time depends on your server location)

Private Servers

Private Server Admins can choose their own settings as follows:

In the ServerSettings.ini file you will find the following settings under the “[ServerSettings]” category:

EventLogCauserPrivacy = x
Where X can be a number from 0 to 2.
// 0 - No privacy, everyone will see the name of the player causing destruction/theft/damage
// 1 - Only admins will see player name
// 2 - No one will see player name

For new there is no GUI element for this but it’s being worked on.
Private Server Admins can already adjust these settings as they see fit.

As always, thank you very much for being part of our community and for helping us with input and constructive feedback. <3