Player overhead names

Why can’t we have permanent names over players heads so we can actually see who we’re fighting. This is so frustrating having to run up to someone within 2 feet of them to see who the heck they are. This makes large battles an absolute nightmare poking and spearing teammates , chasing the wrong guys, and overall poor experience in large pvp battles

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I also find it annoying to have to get so close to them to see who they are. Especially in PvP, where you probably don’t want to get really close to an unidentified player. Part of the reason may be that an overhead name would make it too easy to locate people who are hiding.

In terms of assisting identification in large battles, perhaps your clan could decide on a specific color scheme for your armor?

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Or clan name color scheme or banner under your permanent name in white. Also make the npc thralls names permanent so you don’t have to mess with them if it’s not something you’re trying to break on the wheel.

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