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To make gold actually valuable they need to change Rocknoses farms.
Have them produce Gold/Silver DUST instead or ORE. So that they’ll still be viable for Alchemical Base but won’t be useful for gold coins/ingots.

Also silver mine should be closed and silver deposit should be RANDOM on the map, same for Gold/Silver Rocknoses locations. This way people can’t build around them and have monopolies/farms.

That’s already forbidden by the ToS.

I meant NEARBY, not around.

If a clan builds around the silver mine on PVE they are likely gonna have tons of silver and other guys will often find the mine empty.

They can enter it, but the clan that lives nearby will probably have farmed that place already. If mines are random, instead, no one could build nearby them.

Sure, I get what you’re saying. Greedy bastards! :laughing: After a certain point, you really don’t need more silver.

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I use it more for transportory stones myself. That’s 100 silver bars a piece… then factor in the accidental removal or bad placement and you have to pick it up. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

25 Gold bars per 100 hours per animal pen.

It is far more economical to kill NPCs, any NPCs for the random coins they drop.

I just farm the wine cellar or the underwater dungeon. You can get 25+ in one run.

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Well, wouldn’t it be better if that amout was the equivalent but in gold DUST ?
What value can have a thing that your animals are LITERALLY shi**ng ?

The actual utility of rocknose farms is granting players gold and silver dust (cause, let’s be real, gold and silver bars and coins aren’t used elsewhere atm.

That utility will remain. Rocknoses farms will STILL be useful.
They won’t just impact on the economy.

And yes, I know there are more efficient ways to get gold (killing rocknoses at volcano and mining obsidian) it’s just … I don’t know, I just don’t like the idea that gold and silver can be cultivated like … plants.

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I’ve honestly never had a rocknose farm. Didn’t like the space it took up. As you say, the only real value has been for alchemical base. I always gathered alchemical base from T3 bearers and had more than enough. I would much rather see gold and silver used for currency like it was meant to be, rather than have rocknose farms to make gold bars. I can back the idea of them only making dust. Maybe then, we’ll see fewer giant cages with this purge change.

As for using coins for p2p merchant trade, I’d say only use gold, rather than silver. Leave the silver mine in tact. That way gold is harder to acquire, and you gotta choose whether to grind the coins down for dust, or use them for trading. Unfortunately… this doesn’t solve Siptah’s abundance of gold nodes. So… having another currency could be the easiest option.

With 20 animal pens, I can get around 2,200 gold bars in a year. I can get that in a day of smacking obsidian.

Rocknose farms are not impacting anything. If anything they should remove their ability because ignorant players run these things and bog down servers with them.

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“The other would be to avoid having a currency and implement a barter system: if I’m selling my spare Yog’s Touch, I can set the price to be a Varpnir (again, just as an example).”

Yup- ive got a red mother bow , id gladly give up for a bladesmith for example.

Right now? Nope since nothing stopping a person from just taking the bow and saying see ya!

Unless that’s a legacy Yog’s Touch, you likely won’t be getting much for trades in the next update anyway. Legendaries not being repairable definitely lowers their value.

I feel like the second something like this comes into servers, we can expect to see a lot of cheats/cheaters and currency sellers flooding the servers… and no thank you. i don’t want my server population to be 50% bots power farming resources with macros.

I DO appreciate the idea and the value it could offer players in a world without cheaters.

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These aren’t big enough server populations for bots to sell currency. I wouldn’t worry about that. If you do see one, it would be once in a blue moon… and even then, it would likely only be on PC as the console ports don’t have a chat box.

Or maybe increases it, because you’re going to need a new one eventually. Depends on how the stats ultimately fall into place, ie. whether new legendaries are attractive enough. Certainly people looking for a competitive edge will still look for the best weapons in their category.

Eh, debatable. It depends on the legendary. I certainly wouldn’t wanna trade a sought after thrall for my favorite legendary that’s just gonna break. I might go the other way though… trade my favorite legendary for a Syra Brennerhet.:thinking: anyway, as I said, a legacy would have significantly more value, particularly a legacy Yog’s Touch.

Well from what ive seen yeah they are worth it- LOL!

This is Render a legendary one handed short sword- pokey pokey mate! With a max damage kit on it

Screenshot 2023-06-09 162839

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But the question is, did the gladius get nerfed? I’d craft a gladius over looting a render.

Regardless, i don’t use short swords, so neither of these would be ideal for me.

it doesnt matter - all legendaries got a damage boost. itll take you half the time to down Wbs than before since their health has been chopped by 3/4 or half.

nom nom nom!

What? Wildlife boss spawns?