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Let’s take a break from the heated conversation over the Thrall Leveling System to analyze the future of play-styles. I am proposing a change to the Player Perk System. Either we swap the tier 5 Perks for the following or we add level 70 and make these the tier 6 Perks. My goal with the following is to give every Player a Barbaric play-style that they enjoy while not feeling pigeon-holed into a “meta” build. Remember that names and numbers are just ideas. Let’s begin…

:warning: Please be sure to read the Notes provided under some Perks.

Max Strength Perk:

Goal: To satisfy Heros that don’t want to be the sidekick to their Thralls we will buff lone Players to the approximate damage output of current Fighter Thralls.

Max Agility Perk:

Goal: To provide Heros with the ability to improve their favorite Thralls.

Note: This is assuming that Thrall damage output has been reduced to below Player output while on guard. I have no intention of making Raiding impossible.

Max Vitality Perk:

Goal: To compensate for increased Players/Thrall damage output and to make one shot weapons a little less dangerous.

Max Accuracy Perk:

Goal: To allow Archery to become a more viable strategy.

Note: This assumes 100% AP glitch arrows have been removed from the game.

Max Grit Perk:

Goal: To satisfy Players that would pay money :moneybag: for the old roll to come back.

Max Encumbrance Perk:

Goal: To make mounts a viable gathering strategy that will allow Players to outrun attackers while in a vulnerable non-combat build.

Max Survival Perk:

Goal: To make Animal followers equal to Human followers in damage output.
This will hopefully allow animals to comfortably perform in PVE content situations.

Do you feel that your play-style is represented in the above Perks?

  • Yes, I play PVP.
  • No, I play PVP.
  • Yes, I play PVE/PVE-C.
  • No, I play PVE/PVE-C.
  • Yes, I play Solo.
  • No, I play Solo.

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Thanks for bringing up this subject Zeb. You know you are really opening yourself up to a barrage of criticism here, but it is important that we ask the hard questions, rather than avoid them.

You know I have traditionally been opposed to raising the Level Cap. However…with the emergent cycle of Thrall buffing coupled with Player nerfing, I am now begining to agree with raising the level cap. Here is how I feel it could work. Remember the well recieved calls to add a ‘Prestige’ option recently…? I say have players level to 60 as per usual. However, once we hit lvl 60, give players the option to Prestige, and if they accept, their cap is lifted to lvl 70 for the second run. Having Thralls some 1400% stronger than us, and feeling like we are the slave, and the slave is the real hero just doesnt feel right to me. How about instead of nerfing players and buffing thralls we take a third option; overhaul NPC mobs to make them more challenging!

I also agree that Perks need an overhaul. They need something, anything to feel worthwhile. Because a growing number of them have now been either nerfed into insignificance, or never really were. For example, the changes to Nimble Tumbler, Fierce Vitality, Salting The Wound has destroyed their usefulness, while others such as Iron Hard Muscles and Bronzed Physique were never worth the investment. And I predict this is only going to get worse. I am willing to bet my bottom dollar, that its just a matter time until Receptive and Momentum end up on the nerfing block too. In addition to my aforementioned points, I support adding Tier 6 Perks.

This Player Thrall imbalance is getting out of hand here; something has to give. Oh and Zeb…brace yourself for a wave of “Nuh…jus git gud!!” remarks. Im happy to discuss these concepts further with any other members.


Beast Master all day everyday!!!


What can I say ? Your idea is perfection, as always…



This solution would reduce Thrall strength. If you read the Note under the Thrall Feat I am assuming that Thralls have been weakened. A Player that invests heavily into Agility will be able to make a Thrall as strong as a Strength build Player. This would not improve Thralls.



Thank you so much for the feedback. :black_heart:
Is it possible you tell me a bit about your play-style?
So I can reflect and better refine my ideas to be more inclusive of alternative play-styles in the future.


I don’t think buff the player would be the best answer to thrall opness because that would make wildlife even more ridicule.

What is need is a thrall debuff on damage done on player / damage taken by player.

(I would even be in favor of the lvl 50 cap that we had before)

My playstyle is a little hard to describe, but I tend to be a bit more passive, and only fight when absolutely necessary. Since I play singlelayer, I feel archery is still not viable as a combat strategy, regardless of any perks, as you’re basically vulnerable after the first shot if you don’t have a melee weapon, the time between shots is too wide for it to be viable against NPCs, not to mention the bow’s rather low effective range.

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I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I agree that Archery needs a bit more fine tuning.
With the last update I do feel they’ve made some strides towards improving the aiming system for Archery.

I know you said you don’t feel that any Perk would would make Archery viable for you. But I’d really like to hear what you do feel would enhance the Archery experience, and maybe a Perk could translate to enhance that.

I was actually thinking about this topic a bit. Archery in many other games benefit from a stealth mechanic which I think is asking too much from Conan Exiles. BUT I think we can get a similar effect by removing the archery perk that gives headshots entirely. Give headshots to all player fired bows! Double the damage output of all headshots so you can effectively kill a human enemy in one hit while they stand still. Good luck getting a headshot in PvP though since no one stands still. If you catch a player unaware though… I think you should be able to punish them for that with one power shot. Imagine hunting players from a top hills… waiting until they stand still… BAM! Your stuff is mine. Paranoia would skyrocket. This is a good thing.

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Maybe make two additional weapon kits for bows (in conjunction with these really good perk ideas):

  • Bow tip extenders - creating a ‘makeshift’ longer bow for greater range.
  • Bow tip draughts - creating a ‘tighter’ curve on the draw pull for faster shooting.

Think “longbow” and “short bow” respectively without having to create dozens of new bows for the game. Take an existing bow and fix a bow tip kit to it for customizing archery gameplay. Stacks with existing arrows and character perks. However, forces players to choose which playstyle to go with (only one allowed per bow). Variety being the “spice of life.”


Wonderful ideas these Zeb. You have my vote!
With the needed balance to thrall damage output I think these new perks will put the power back in our hands…the barbarian masters.
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I like it! I would love to see sniper builds in the game. Long range, maybe even zoom improvement mods for bows to make those difficult headshots possible.

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Because I prefer to be an all-rounder rather than maxing a single stat, none of these really represent my PvE playstyle. That said, they each sound like fun, and I’d be inclined to at least try them out.

What I’d prefer though, would not be making it so players have to go full-in on a single stat, but allow some means of picking a playstyle and gaining some associated benefits. i.e. Perhaps a set of Synergy Perks based upon having a certain level of aptitude in two (or more) attributes.


What I feel could make archery a bit more viable would be a perk to increase range or an increase in shot speed/decrease in cool-down between shots. As it currently stands, all that makes archery even semi-viable in singleplayer is to make sure your first shot hits the target in the legs, so you at least get a little more time to get an extra shot off.

Sure, you could go pure archery against an archer NPC, if you’re willing to weigh yourself down with arrows.

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I had my concerns and quibbles at first, but the more I read and re-read your ideas, the more of those concerns faded away. These perks look well-thought-out and rather balanced, at least to me.

One thing: you really should include a short bit of text in your initial paragraph, highly emphasized, stating that people need to read the notes for the perks. Even I overlooked the bit about thrall damage being nerfed while on guard :slight_smile:


You know Zeb suggesting either New Perks OR a Level Cap Increase is rarely popular here on the forum. But you have done an amazing job here! I must confess that like @CodeMage I was initially sceptical. However after reading your suggestion in full (and then re-reading it several times now) I found myself increasingly sitting here grinning sharply and nodding in resolute agreement.

This provides opportunities to enhance solo playstyles (Strength 6), companion playstyles (Agility 6, Survival 6), and offers benefits to ranged players, encumberance players and makes room for players who favoured the old Roll/Dodge system. This is great. Its so good to see someone else calling for changes to be a Race to the Top rather than a Race to the Bottom. Dont be discouraged be the negativity, this is a masterstroke of great thinking, and one of the best suggestions I have read in a long time. You have my support 100% on this one. Bravo Zeb. :slightly_smiling_face: :raised_hands:


I feel like @Bodin came up with the perfect solution to this.




on the subject of perks:

‘‘Blood mad-brezerker’’ perk doesnot work

‘‘iron-hand muscles’’ only gives 15 armor points (witch is nothing even for a light armor setup)

‘‘Deflection’’ is out of place

and survival is still a place to dump your extra points as no perk is reraly intresting beside for the ‘‘Antidote of one’’ and maybe ‘‘BronzedPhysique’’

also i think survival should give extra armor points and agility only gives faster dodge

mixing some percs around from one atribute to another would also help to make it more diverce.
like all damage BOOST perks are in strength put damage to light attacks in grit for example. ?

while grid increases stamina + increases attack animations (especially for the weapons that are now slowed down)