Player spamming dragons in official server 1996

This guy was spamming dragons in an official server (1996). He uses the dragons to kill the crocodile boss. I counted 4 dragos. I didn’t find the player name in the tap that shows the players connected to the server
Is this a hacker? Can someone help me understand?


It could be a hack.
Or he lured them from the Unnamed City.

Wait, nm, he said 4 dragos.

There’s at least three in the Unnamed City. So I was thinking perhaps there might be four.
I know of one red and two green there, as well as all the baby dragons.

There’s also a blue up north but I doubt he put ‘that’ much effort into it.

The red ones spawn in 4 different locations. They will follow you now. I kited the WB Rhino outside Sepermaru through the gate where he wondered around until he found his way out. Killed all the NPC’s.

I also watch a croc chase after an NPC and kill it on a platform where it had to climb up to get to it.

They dont follow that long, and get 4 dragons 2 babies one green and one red at the same time is not posible. in the picture there are 3 because i killed one before.
Also if you are level 60 with silend armor you dont have a problem killing boses

in the picture there are 3 i killed one baby before

100% false. I just did this myself with 2 large green, a large red and one baby (I had two babies but they glitched on a hill and one died). I got them to follow me all the way to a monster crocodile.

It took a while but it was fun.

And considering the fact that I can only get 4 creatures to reliably follow me, I’m assuming the person on your server did this legit.

After dropping the dragons off with the croc, one red and one green left immediately.
The baby died very quickly and it took 20 minutes for the monster croc to kill the remaining green dragon; it still had about half of it’s life at the end. So no wonder that guy took two large ones to kill it.


WOW you really help me understand this. thanks a lot. Now ill try to do it

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