Player standing in doorframe invincible

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: North America

Could not damage clan mate sitting in doorframe blocking us while he was AFK.

** WHEW ** getting tired of logging bugs for today, I’ll give you a break for a while.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go AFK in airlock.
  2. Laugh at clan mates as they cannot pass or kill you.

Half the time when trying to attack a player or an npc you cannot hit them, doesn’t need to be in a doorframe, can be next to terrain of any kind and go invulnerable. Very annoying when they are shooting at you and you can’t hit them back.

Ah yes, haven’t notice in other locations except tarps at Black Galleon but now that you say something it’s kind of like the building invulnerability in terrain.

For me, anytime I try to hit npcs while they are standing under a tent structure in a camp they are invulnerable. I have to try to get them to chase me out which is difficult for the archers. When they chase and stand next to a big rock or tree, they also go invulnerable, when they go next to water the same.