Player Still Logged In Error (Ghosting) RK2019

Unable to logon to account due to character being “Ghosted” on the RK2019 game server. My client crashed approximately 18 hours ago and have been unable to logon to the RK2019 server ever since. Apparently this is a relatively common issue that needs to be resolved by a “GM”. I have used the form on the “support” page and put in a petition from a character on RK5.

Server: RK2019 (6)
Character: Perish (27712106)

Please, let me know how I can expedite the resolution of this issue so that I experience the smallest amount of downtime possible.

Appreciate any help expediting this.

Player still ghosted on the RK2019 production server. Can a GM just kick him from the server please so that the account can login. Anyone available to help?

@Rooibos got me. Old bug but still, well done. Thank you. This case is closed.