Player versus conflict server settings

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Performance | Misc]
Region: Eu

[Free Text ] on all player vs environment conflict servers nudity settings are turned off completely
Example this is official server 3514 , it is also turned off on 3515!

Matter of fact on all official servers as far as four player vs. Environment conflict

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Press option menu
  2. Scroll to settings
  3. Go to nudity options
  4. And you will see the problem it is set to none on all player vs environment conflict servers official servers that is here is an attached screenshot to show you

Nudity has been disabled on all US and Asian servers. Pretty sure 3515 is US not EU as originally stated.

Hello @Sky, thank you for bringing this up, however, as LordKAA has mentioned, this is intentional as both of those servers are located in the US and, as such, we’re unable to allow for full nudity.

Edit: Full nudity correction.

You mean full nudity @Hugo correct.

@sestus2009 Correct!

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