Player weapon or tool locking up

Im new to conan and just started my own server, the last few day my character has been locking up with a tool or weapon in his hand and im not able to use it or draw a different weapon , i am able to build and the only way to get it to release i found is to delete my character . Anyone have any ideas ? Ty

Since it’s a private server, are you using any mods? Those may cause unforeseen issues with the main game features.

If you’re not using any mods, I suggest making a bug report on the respective forum for your platform (PC, PS4 or Xbox).

No mods just came with the server and game

This is on ps4 platform

Does PS4 have a vanity cam option? I play on PC and whenever I get my toolbar lockup, disappear, or a weapon gets stuck in my hand, I switch to vanity cam then back. Usually unlocks it.

Right now im in 3rd person i can look see if there is a first person view ijust deleted my character again spent 2 days ranking it back up to have it happen again this morning

This is so frustrating makes me want to quit the game i really like the game but if you gotta start over every couple days why play

Did you post a bug report?

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