Player who surrounded me with pillar and roof

Good evening I contact you because a team of player completely block me it surrounds me base of pillar and roof so that I can not do anything anymore it blocks resources and animals

the team in question and killerelite server 2009 official
here is the name of the 3 players that I could see
Lord Lini
MDN sege 1994

the area where I am and to quote from the camp of NPC The New Asagarth

thank you to send a moderator on the server to solve the problem

Official servers are completely unmoderated. You’ll have to find another way to resolve the issue.

Press Esc and click “Remove Bracelet”. It will kill you and you can choose to respawn in desert. Find another place.

Anyway, this game is NOT about playing solo. Find a clan and protect yourself.

so if nobody can do anything I want the refund of the game because the player can rot the server as he wants to block us to stop playing

I will not rebuild a base that has more than 4000 foundation

I play depuit the early access I will not rebuild me base whereas it’s been 2 weeks that I built it has a can more than 4000 stone foundation and another part in ice I’m level 60

Good luck with your refund.

There are no moderators and Funcom will do nothing about problems like this.

Hi there,

I can confirm that we do not have the ability to moderate any in-game issues like this. We are currently investigating solutions to this issue so that it doesn’t happen in the future.

As for a refund, Funcom is not able to directly refund any purchase of Conan Exiles as we do not have access to any billing information that was used to purchase the game. You will have to contact the retailer that you purchased the game from for further assistance. In this case, it would have to be Microsoft. They should be able to assist you further.

it is very well funcom to have official server and not to have a moderator even ARK and a small studio when their game was in early access he had moderator to settle I’m sure problem

what is the goal is to pay to rent your server to your partner

do not forget that it’s fat to people like me who pay the early access that your studio did not flow financially

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