Players all stopped playing

So I tried to play the game again and I noticed that almost all the players are gone. 2 months ago all servers were full and now I see only 4 servers with not more then 25 players. The rest are below 15.
Well done Funcom, I never saw a game killing the playerbase this fast.


i love it hope the get bought out by activision or EA

Not EA, everything but EA :blush:


I feel like if Zenimax/Bethesda got a hold of this it would be epic.

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Sorry, but after the bombastic launch of Destiny Poo and the “favorable” reception by the public (ah, yes… I’m being sarcastic), I think there are more reliable options. In my opinion, Bungivision decided to prioritize the money in the company of the least effort and betrayed its fans. As for EA… wow… i hate swindler companies that sold their soul to the demon of microtransactions. But this is just a personal opinion.


I wish FC would hire devs from ArenaNet to work on CE. Or just sell the IP for them.

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looks like no update till 2nd week in august?

yea didn’t EA loss like 6 million on that lol and they still crying about that and they will never get that back for sure lol

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I am not “up to date” on the possible losses involving numbers and money, but unfortunately it seems that EA is powerful and rich enough to manipulate and extort many players independent of some “flaws” that have acquired much publicity or controversy, HowDatFel. Star Wars Battlefront 2, for example, was only a temporary problem, but the company’s plan remains focused on creating games with microtransactions embedded in different formats. This plan can be delayed in some titles, but the goal is always $… with the commendable help of players who support such initiatives.

If you have interest and patience, you can access this video on youtube (Skill Up Channel) to learn about part of the “beautiful” history of EA in this area: