Players are persistently targeted

Nice to meet you, my player name is natsuhi.
Conan outcast I am playing very fun.
I play PvP with Conan outcast.
The server is official server # 40 08 PvP - g
A player named lol,PS4ID Lost_ciel puts the bed near our base and starts to attack many times.
If you go out, you will be attacked, so you can not do anything and come back many times even if you repel.
With this you can not play in the game. Would you please help me?
I am using a translation tool. I am sorry if it is difficult to read.

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They’re allowed to kill you as much as they want. Sounds terribly boring to me to kill the same guy over and over, but it’s not against the game rules.

You can try talking to them, if that doesn’t work your only option is to get good enough to beat them. Or try to move somewhere else. Or move server.


Join server 3656 we are a friendly clan trying to repopulate our dying official server :smiley: no griefers here (yet)

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