Players are the heroes?

I mean, I dont ever have anything in survival, unless i spec straight 30 for farming or 40 for the poison resistance

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I dont really agree. I think that craftable gear is suitable to take down anything in the game. I solo kill the arena champion in light armour with a star metal mace. it takes two minutes.

Craftsble epic or derived from warmaker? Thats what i use but im not contending fromm attacks from other players to get it.

Im not sure I follow you.

Im just saying that you do not need anything but some crafted armour and weapons to be able to do all the content. you can storm through all of the wine cellar in 15 minutes with only crafted gear

So let me ask it a different way then. How long should it take to solo a boss? 3 min? 5 min? 30 min? 5 hours? Do we do it with buffed or without buffed players? Vanilla settings? Below vanilla so that players do a 1/10th of the damage?

The answer to that question comes down to personal preference. I like my boss fights to be under the 5 min mark personally, and as I play on and pay for a private server, I don’t feel unjustified in my desire to tailor my experience to my desires. I only have to please me and my players and we play together specifically because we all place a similar value on how tedious or fast paced the game should be. Solo’ing bosses, I have full control of that and I can set it to my own desire. Officials however are a community, so the relative power of players and their ability to solo bosses is a decision to be made for maximal enjoyment of all.

Now back to thralls for a sec. I can’t set that. I’m stuck with someone else’s vision of what a thrall should be which is different than it was at launch, which is different than it was after perks, which is different after it was after the last nerf, and which will be different again after this coming nerf. So I’m not sure there is evidence for a very clear vision of how powerful thralls should be on a mass scale since the goal posts keep moving, but what is clear, is that thralls are considered an important aspect of the game.

So back to a player being able to solo bosses. WHY DOES IT MATTER? We have thralls to command and use. They are there to do our bidding. If I want my thrall to solo a boss, that should be my choice. If I want my thrall to help out weakly, again, as a private server renter who pays for a custom experience, it should be my prerogative. Having it top down dictated to me when I have so many other customization tools at my disposal but not THIS particular one, is inconsistent and frankly, punitive.


I quickly ran through the wine cellar in testlive, I went for the khari sword guy because I had read your post. :slight_smile: I dont know if it’s helpful or not.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately I don’t think it can be fixed in the current implementation of the game. Maybe with a Conan Exiles II using the Unreal 5 engine.

For starters you are right, players need to have the ability to be more active in fights against bosses, granted you can now if you understand the mechanics, but spending 20 minutes rolling around and swiping at legs isn’t very heroic.

Second the Thrall system, while allowing for faster boss fights, isn’t very heroic either.

This whole player as a hero goes much deeper though than fighting bosses and not being able to dent high level player thralls.

For starters look at the gathering system. While typical of survival type games (and any changes to it will be met with a large clamor of "but it’s a survival game, that’s the way it’s suppose to be) it certainly isn’t heroic for players to do all the heavy lifting while thralls stand dull eyed around the base. Not much of a hero if you spend 2/3rds of your time in game farming stone, iron, and wood.

Honestly Conan should break the survival model, not pander to it. Thralls should be squishy, they should die, they should also be instrumental in both raiding, defending, and farming. Most mid and endgame systems should revolve around the thrall system in more indepth way than tanking and damage output. They shouldn’t be any better than the player, their stats level as the players does (allow them to go to level 60, but let them level up without following the player). Allow the player to bring more than one with them (with leadership feats that costs trait points increasing the amount players can bring and allowing for simple formations and more in depth commands.

Early game should be typical survival. Find food, shelter, and water while avoiding things that are stronger than you.

Mid game should open up after you get your first thrall. Here is where you stop worrying about your own survival and start to focus on maintaining a base and cultivating a following. Thralls can be given orders to gather. Have them go off into the world to fill their inventory with what you tell them to get. Have them be actual entities in the world that can be attacked by other players, or world AI. If you tell them to get the basic resources that are everywhere they will probably be fine, but if you tell them to gather say brimstone or demon blood, or something that requires a long trip for where you have set up they might not make it back. You could either go with them to escort them, or assign others to them as guards to increase their chances. The thing is they will never become more powerful than the player can. You’ll lose thralls this way and you’ll still have to be proactive in providing for your base. Require food and water for them for survival as well as a place to sleep. The more thralls you have to do the work, the more management is demanded of the player to make sure it runs smoothly.

Endgame is your boss farming, dungeoning, and raiding. Thralls should again be instrumental in this, but as secondary characters to the player hero. Give them siege engines they can construct and fire. Have them properly man the walls. Attacking a player base shouldn’t be a matter of offline orb throwing after a week of farming. Thrall defense should be a more effective defense than honeycombing a box. Fortifications in antiquity were built the way they were for a reason and the most effective defense should mimic those reasons in game. At the same time thrall defenders should go down without the need to cheese acid and poison arrows or to box them in with walls of your own.

Long story short a lot more needs to be addressed than just thrall hit points and damage output if the player is suppose to be the “Hero”.

Honestly, there is a lot of potential, but I think it’s too late to implement anything of merit. Best to take note for a sequel at this point. Currently thralls won’t amount to actual engaging gameplay, and probably won’t even with more patch iterations and PvP will stay the survival standard of offline raiding and animation exploitation.

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My thoughts exactly. A great game creates a genre, not shoehorns into one.


If dodging and rolling away from a mini boss that can two shot you while you’re getting mobbed my adds, is considered not heroic to you, I am interested in what your thoughts of heroism are.

Im sorry, I very much disagree with this entire concept. Why would I ever leave my base if this was a thing? You even mentioned demon blood, so I guess they’re capable of boss killing. I see why this would seem like a decent enough idea in another game but that give me literally no reason do do anything but sit in my base afk.

You’ve already suggested the thralls should farm for you, ok. Dungeons, sure. If the game world was full of big exciting dungeons. But im not gonna run the black keep 20 times a day while my thrall plays the game for me elsewhere in the map

when did you last raid a base?

unless im stapling my thralls to the wall, they wont be much help against a trebuchet with demonfire barrage.

thats fine, but give a proper example of how the devs can translate that into the gameplay aspect.

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Use the Yellow Lotus-potion, and reset your attributes. You don’t need to re-roll a new character.

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And this is good. You’ll need 3 times the number of players against a dug in defender. It relates to the real world. You obviously can’t conquer a base with fully leveled 20 Cimmerian Berserkers when the numbers of attackers and defenders are equal. And if there are more thralls, it becomes even more ludicrous to think you can level a base.

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thats fine and I agree with it, however it is not always an option to just get more people to help you. Raiding a base should be fun, slowly chipping away at 20 thralls with over 10k hp is not fun. It is more more tedious and boring than any boss in the game, it also has the very real chance to do a literal 1-shot. Thralls need to deal less damage to players and receive greater damage from players.

No, I know. It’s just a thing with me. I don’t re-spec as it kills my sense of character. However I level up, I usually level up based on the playstyle and personality of the RPed exile and leave his or her level 60 stats as is.

That said I may make an exception this go around as I really dig my current exile Asuka so there’s no telling when I’ll tire of her.

When i pvp i am still a farmer . I play pvp just because i like the guys in this clan and the team effort , still when i farm and organize their base i return to my solo beloved pve . They don’t play official because they are too lazy , they like to play in private servers x10 . So in three days i get them anything they need and i go . Not to mention that i play offline too barbaric mode. So about gearing there is nothing that i didn’t farm the last 15 months . Still when i speak about boss fights i don’t include civilized difficulty . Or setting to stamina cost 0,5 . Any changes on this settings have no place to our conversation here . Some bosses are impossible no matter if you wear legendary or epic . I think that i said before that the damage 200 on a single hit caused wearing 1.150 armor . How many chances i have across a skeleton that does this damage in a single hit . 5 days ago i was listening my snowhunter fighting him but i couldn’t see them .Over a minute passed and they were still fighting out of sight . I realized that it was buged so i order her to return, a sec later they both spawn beside me . He was fortunatly agro with her and they start the fight in front of me , she swinged ajas bane and crash him at once . Icheck her inventory and she was missing 7.000 hp , from 12.000 she was 5.000 , can you imagine what damage she took in a minute because of the bug ? Now tell me when did you last visit khari dungeon? If you have some time please go and check

You’ve mentioned that, and I asked for an example as a serious reply.

Did you see that I replied to you with a full video of me running the Khari dungeon in light armour with a Relic hunter on the testlive server?

Thank you but my question here is how i will do this dungeon solo ? Plus my lvl 20 fighters stay in the house , light dressed , entertained by dancers and eating lobster and honey XD. Their job is done and i am generus on them . After my thrall goes lvl 20 gets a name and works no more . My house my rules .

You play official or private? How many days passed since your last visit ?

If you watched the video and took any real notice of it at all, the thrall did almost nothing for the entire dungeon. If I was slightly slower and chose my route more carefully that could be solo’d without much issue at all. I’d go and make a video doing it, but im guessing you wouldnt bother to watch it anyway.

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Exactly my dear friend . No you are attacked by an army of skeletons that spawn next to you . Omg . And when you go to the 4rth skeleton miniboss he crush you . He hits worst than Arena champion . The final battle however is easy as always. The worst part comes to the dagoon dungeon, your thrall doesn’t follow you underwater and the starving prisoners are now against you XD. If you really want to test your skills dagoon dungeon is now available XD. That is the reason i agree with @UltraViolent . We really need som boost to our characters. What we have right now is to fragile and surely not enough , especially when your opponent is spawning next to you . Thank you for your honesty

Oh i am really sorry , i am a little noob on this things and i didn’t understand that you send me a video . Thank you very much for this , i really appreciate it , i will start hitting on the link you send me and i will anwer in awile