Players couldn't use other players crafting stations anymore

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Eurioe]

Our players couldn’t use anymore other people crafting stations even if the “Containers ignore ownership” control is activated.
Private server using some mod (no one of them is modding containers). Tried both as admin and normal user. Can’t access either boxes or crafting station.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Flag the “container ignore ownership” in the server configuration
  2. Build up a crafting station with charater 1
  3. Try to use with character 2

Same exact issue here. Super frustrating and annoying. Their new “patches” are supposed to be FIXING not breaking more stuff than there is… Horrible testing from the developers.

two hotfix and this problem still there… could you please fix it?

Same issue with all sorts. Even Fish traps are locked…

Could you fix this or give us an ETA? It’s a big problem for our RP server.