Players find your position quick

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [Everywhere]

it seams there is an exploit , maybe a way to analyse network pakets to find the position of new buildings very quick.I noticed this now many times and i think it could be a major reason why the player numbers gone down so much lately.
And no, it wasnt a random happening , i have 3 times joined a server and build an initial base in the last uninteressting corners of the workld where is nothing, not a dungeon , not even much resources ect. and 3 times i had nearly instant visitors one time even a whole clan came to my small hut that didnt even had a roof yet.
I am set offline in PSN , my profile is basically hardened as hardened it can be.
there must be a problem in the latest version, maybe you could offset positions of just encrypt stuff with a simple syncronous algorithm would be enough, please fix, so we can all play proper again.thanks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.join a server and start building in hidden places in uninteressting areas

Hi @KarstenZ1971, we’re unaware of any exploit that would allow for this to occur but we’ll take note of your feedback.

Be aware that it’s common for players to hunt for claimed land while running around while holding a building piece to place down, as it allows them to find smaller, hidden bases.

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where did you build?

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