Players on official pve server 3531 harassing, racism, and attempting to bully

Hi there. Recently was unable to access my main server for some time, and when I finally got back on I had to rebuild our clans main base. Another clan that quit for over a year has just recently come back and built near where we had been built up for over a year. Now they are placing stones reading F U near our base so we can’t keep building, while they only have a little shack well away from us, but they use stones to claim land. They msg and said move, I said why? Our spot for over a year. Then they say we built on top of them… I don’t care that they build close, it’s the intentional harassing and griefing, especially on a low pop over server, that irks me. The guy also put racist signs up near and around our base and was making and deleting swastikas in front of our base out of foundations. What can I do? His PSN is NortiusMaximus_ and his clan is PackRatz

He took down the racist signs, left the F U blocks up and logged off.


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