Players territory bug

Game mode: [Online | Official PvE server 3890]
Region: [America]

[I crafted some wall palisades to place near my base but there is some place i can’t place them cause the game tell me that it is another person territory and for some reason i can place my thralls/animals there. I have some archers on top of where i want to place my wall palisade.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Craft some wall palisades
  2. Try to place it
  3. Doesn’t work

Hey @Deratom
Welcome to our community.
It could very well may be that there is another player’s structure nearby and is blocking for building in there. Also, make sure to correctly align and rotate the palisades accordingly, as one of its corners could be colliding with that claimed area while a thrall or pet would not.

Ok so before de server was down i don’t know why but i could place the palisades where i couldn’t before… but now when i log in again to play the bug was there again. The funny thing is my friend can place them where i can’t. Ps. It’s still saying that our terrain is own by somebody else but the other dude building is kind of far from ours

Hey @Deratom

Sorry for the late response. Could you try something? If you’re in a clan with your friend, could you ask him to kick you out of the clan and then add you again?
Your issue sounds like a similar one we heard reports about recently, and this seemed to fix it.

I will thank you

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