Players timing out

Okay so i have a server on my dedicated server at my house… I have 5 ip’s 4 in which are tied to hyper-v’s
and the main server IP which is which is my conan server

if i dont choose multi home, it defaults to another adapter that has zero internet access “its the one that goes to my wireless switch” which is shared to my wireless adapter…

if i do multiome and force the said it works with that ip without it defaulting to adapter 2 not adapter one “which it should in the first place”

issue is friend can’t see server at all but can direct connect “most of the time”
i have zero firewall all turned off “public general etc etc, in advanced properties for firewall”

i am not a noob when it comes to Computers, for the most part :stuck_out_tongue:

So when he connects to the server it works just fine, until i log in. he then gets timed out dc’s and then tries to join again and the server isn’t available but still running on my side and still works for ME…

things ive tried:
1.TRIPLE CHECKED NO FIREWALLS ARE ON, “i have proof if you need it”
2.RE INSTALLED THE SERVER, " haven’t tested it yet but sure it’s the same issue"
3.i had mods removed mods still same issue
4. re did all settings back to factory still didnt work
5.had friend ping ip to quadruple check #1 he had a median ping of ~55ms
6. tried having me log into the servers first, if doing this server is instantly not connectable for him…

as for proof for #1. i have another gameserver running for another game, he can connect to that JUST fine…
as long as i dont log into conan, he can play as long as he likes, then if i come into game BOOM dc’s with timeout