Players turning on and off pvp damage to structures (official pvp EU 1312)


Game mode: [MULTIPLAYER]
Type of issue: [BUG-EXPLOIT]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [EU]


During last days, and today, there are a player that has stopped things like: gathering resources, pvp damage, damage to structures. This is a BIG BUG as we cannot play properly, farm resources or raid during official raid time (17-23). He is even proud of it and write in the chat his “ability” to hack the server. PLEASE REFER TO THE SCREENSHOT


Thank you for the report,
it’s being investigated.


It looks like you are gonna have a chance to witness the hacker doing his tricks this afternoon…


TASCHA, IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!! damage to buildings and npc has been deactivated by two players, >VAL and >GRIMM in official server EU PvP 1312 ,. Take a look now


Im on that server to… my name is Krull there and this is like third time they did this sh*t in last one week. Always if they getting raided they turn of damage. Name of clan is Closed Circle and players Val and Grimm.


Yes server is being hacked actually. They are few days ruining this server. Names of hackers in clan VAL, Raymond Reddington and Grimm


Thank you, this notification was very helpful. We are on the case(s).


I am writing to tell you that BattlEye simply doesn’t work in Conan Exiles. Server #1312 PvP has players:
Jiansu (Shou on steam)
using a plethora of 3rd party software for hacking the game.
Exploits such as ESP using for travelling the map fast and as a ghost.
Spear-jump script to get inside bases.
They can alter server settings without admin privilages. For example, they can turn damage on and off at will when we raid them. I can give more evidence.
They crash servers with DDOS attacks.

The server is becoming unplayable and I would like to request action.

I have evidence but cant post because im new apparently.


Please fix that server asap. I want to play the game…


Now, at this very moment, you cannot damage any structure, you cannot farm rocks or chop trees, you cannot damage NPCs, Is happening right now tascha, you can witness it


The server will be restarted as soon as we addressed the issue and we are taking further actions.


would be greath, but restart doesnt solve our problem when u dont somehow punish them


We will.


Yes, THANK YOU for following this issue so close, hope that further actions include both patching the weak points of the game (to avoid more hackings) and ban the players that uses hacks to destroy the game experience for so much people that we LOVE the game


Oh, another post on that issue?
First time I read about this was a certain someone saying players cant get admin access because that got removed for official servers.
Trying to tell people those guys just made up they would have admin powers.
That they made up they spawned in materials and stuff.
That they made up they could manipulate serversettings.
I guess that after all, these things are real?
Seeing this issue a second time might hint at how there is some kind of severe security issue in general
Meaning please review the cause of that. Because somehow they have to be able to do this. And I think the “how” is being spread between cheaters?

Actually all I was doing was commenting it’s not the first time I read about this being a thing.

Hopefully the root of this issue get found quickly before lots of servers get trouble like this. (Because restarting the server shouldnt last for long I think.)
Though one might look at the bright side too, but I wont talk about that, because some wont see that as a bright side…


Trust me, we are taking this VERY seriously. Thank you again for the information. It let us act quickly :slight_smile:


Yeah that game is more like some kind of chat right now xD


We need to verify some changes before we can restart the server but we are working on that. Hopefully not too long. You should get a server restart warning.


Would you care to explain why you think a restart hinders those people from just doing it again? :slight_smile:
(Except if they are banned, but then again this might have been spread already, as this is the second time I heard of that issue…)


They have been banned :slight_smile: