Players turning on and off pvp damage to structures (official pvp EU 1312)

Can you confirm that with immediate effect, the actual hackers Pepla and Wizel have no longer access to the server? Note, that you restricted access to the wrong party and this party sustained significant virtual property damage, due to undue actions from your side.

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HI Tascha,
what’s new for this problem?
We KPS are thinking of migrating to other server because of this.
Thank you

Hello Tascha,
As you have restricted access to 1312 to at least two steam players: ‘Grimm’ and ‘Weronika’, that can prove they have absolutely nothing to do with ‘hacking’ i ask you urgently for a contact to your legal team.

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There is no hurry Tascha, but i have pointed my contacts in KGJ Investments, Avanza Bank AB, JPMorgan Chase, Clearstream and Citibank towards this topic about potential claims towards destruction of virtual property.

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See this cheaters 2 week ago at 1200 server

They have acces to admin panel ( Raymond Reddington say it global chat) and have been using this for several months

Solution to counter this:

Hardware id ban

Allow access to EU servers only for eu players (Same for US and Asian servers)

Decrease ping from 140 for smaller amount for against Vpn/s

Ex parte

Why u trying defend cheaters ? They said “we are cheating, we can turn off damage” so whats your problem ? No one want VAL, Grimm and other kids from this clan on server and let them abusing bugs, glitchs, cheats and ruining server. Go play community

I am not a party in this. the operators restricted access to an official 1312 to at least 2 players, that did not cheat or used hacks in this game. These players suffered damage to their virtual property because of the restricted access, Other parties that feel they want compensation from Funcom can report to
Note that we so far received 21 reports.

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Conan Exiles TOS expressly states players have no ownership interest in their accounts, much less any virtual property they may accrue…

Terms of services are not allowed to create an imbalance between your rights and obligations as a consumer and the rights and obligations of sellers and suppliers. Virtual property is property, a supplier has the duty to undertake all commercially reasonable efforts to protect consumer virtual property from harm or destruction.

One of many legislations to quote here
Document 31993L0013

Article 3

  1. A contractual term which has not been individually negotiated shall be regarded as unfair if, contrary to the requirement of good faith, it causes a significant imbalance in the parties’ rights and obligations arising under the contract, to the detriment of the consumer.

  2. A term shall always be regarded as not individually negotiated where it has been drafted in advance and the consumer has therefore not been able to influence the substance of the term, particularly in the context of a pre-formulated standard contract.

This is hilarious. Kid cheated, got caught, and now he thinks this pathetic “talking big” nonsense will save him :lollipop:


I represent two players that did not cheat, their access got restricted.

I represent two players that did not cheat, their access got restricted.

You represent nobody. I quote my post from
Report Funcom [freedom of speech topic]

I wrote:

Hello, everyone. Thought I’d come in to explain to everyone what this post really is.

Ray007 (also known as Raymond Reddington) is a secondary account of Alexa (aka Jiansu). Yes, he is talking to himself and yes, he is a troll. There will be no legal action. He is a 16 year old male from Poland. His parents are not aware of his misbehaviour.

Raymond is a known hacker in Conan Exiles (server #1312 PvP) and has been banned along with all members of his clan (Closed Circle) on Friday and Saturday for heavy abuse even under admin/dev supervision.

Raymond(Alexa,Ray007,Jiansu) as well as his accomplices Val (Valeria) and Grimm are now on official funcom banlist, which excludes them from any further mischief on official servers.

Furthermore, ever since they appeared on the servers, the server FPS dropped to around 10, while ping was in 200-400 range. Since yesterday’s bans, the servers are back at top performance (30FPS, sub-100 ping).

Funcom has nothing to worry, as all the claims in this topic are lies without any foundation.

Admin, I think this topic is due for closing. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your reports! Without so many of you from #1312 this wouldn’t be possible.
Server is so much better now.


What you write is not relevant. I have indisputable proof that

I am not Alexa
I am not Raymond Reddington

While i am aware of this topic

The problem with this policy is, that several players got banned because other players use exploits. guilty because they play in the same clan?
That gives way to a way of disabling Alpha clans. Join the clan, exploit, provide evidence of it on this forum and all members of the clan get banned, even if their not aware that one member actually uses exploits.

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Please provide a reference statement. I am curious.

I do not believe this statement actually applies to a ToS of a game.

Of course it doesn’t. But the kid is desperate.

HAHAHAH; this kid is so pathetic… he thinks that citibank is a law firm? hahahha, SOOOOOOOO pathetic. He forgot to mention his NASA contacts too!!! Instead of Ray007 it looks like Dr. Evil

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PLease dont even take serious this kid, he’s not a lawyer. Lawyers know how we write, how we express, and this guy IS NOT more than a mad kid. Servers are rented by Funcom, funcom has the right of banning access to them, Simple. So kid, stop your ridiculous suplantation, stop cheating/hacking videogames and go to school. You really need it.


If you have any issues with bans outside of the forums you are welcome to contact us through the official channels. We are not discussing bans publicly on our forums.
The players who we have taken actions against are welcome to directly approach us from their side through private channels.