Playfield changes when trying out skintone

I have a strange and funny bug:

Every time when trying out “Khitan Grain” and being in my guild city, after answering “no” I am transfered to the default playfield (Poitain without any guild cities). Has someone else this ???:hushed:???

that’s normal. the game needs to reload your previous skin tone. this happens everywhere in hyboria.

Ha, ha, didn’t know that. FC should have mentioned in the description: “Do not try in your guild city” :rofl:

Would have safed me a long way back to my city then.

Path of comrades - Weg der Kameraden :grin:
Any gildenstadttruchsess will port you to your guild city, too.

Path of comrades was OK - when it happened the first time. But I couldn’t believe the effect and tried it again. Because of cooldown I had to go to Caenna to be retransferred. :upside_down_face: