Playground of the Gods

We are a new server looking for people 21+ to join a great server of RPers looking to grow our community. The server is unlike any you have ever been on we have quests and events that our server owner has set up to make your Conan experience even more exciting. We are a RP-PVP server that centers on the RP more so than anything. When you join us you will start out in the grand Tradeway where people gather to sell and buy goods we also have a market on noob river selling anything you might need. And bi-weekly NPC / Player auctions to come, our Harvest event is just wrapping up but soon the Winter harvest event will be taking its place with new prizes to be had. And our newest achievement The Arena where Bosses of all kinds can be called down for your entertainment to watch or fight yourself can you hear the crowds of people calling your name as you fight for your life on the dry cracked sands come here and be the gladiator you always thought you could be. The grand opening will be this weekend so check with us on Discord to find out more. So if you are just looking for a good place to rp or have some adult fun come play with us and become a GOD. Please visit the discord for anymore information.
Discord - V6tghhG