Playind since the very start of the early access years ago. Never had so many crashes

So yeah…

Not only did I have a huge amount of troubles downloading the game (after three tries on steam, had to restart the PC, then reinstall, then relaunch, then just desinstall, then relaunch, then install from the start.

Then launch the game.

Crash on main menu.


Crash on character creation.

Restart PC and relaunch.

All not floor and sky are pink on character creation.

Now veryfyong files again.

And I was on single player.

All files verified, I corrected, but crash again. Reinstalled. Let’s see if something can work!

As I’ve been saying for years now, once you are out of early access, you are supposed to be out of early access…

Okay crash again… I give up.

1641 hours spent on this game according to steam.

Maybe I’ll try again when there will be a patch.

I just want this game out of early access. Can we have that? Please?

Are you using any mods maybe?
Mods need to be updated to be compatible with the new game version so for now, until the authors manage to update them, it’s best to disable them.
If your save depends on them, then it’s probably a good idea to back it up so you can get back to it once the mods in question are updated

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Only vanilla. I never used any mods.

Again checking game files.

But it is the last time. After that I give up.

What makes me frustrated the most is that I okay this game a lot. And now I can’t. I was happy before sorcery. I was also excited about it.

But now I get neither.

Oh sorry also I’m trying to start a new game. I tried once to go back to an old save but it crashed too.

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