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As Long as you need steam to even start the game, there is little they can do I think. The key here is that exiles was conceptually designed as multiplayer, or at least that’s my take, so single player would be considered as an addition to the game options.

Well SP is already in the game, we just want it off line.
I have other games I can play from Steam in off-line mode, so yeah, can be done and should have been done before release, they did not for mere commercial reasons.
Whatever the reason, it’s not ok.

This game was sold as a sandbox survival with SP and MP modes from the start.
Please stopp bringing up that “it was ment to be MP” thing. It was not sold as such.

And I don´t know the reason behind the need for an internet conection, as that was never revealed, so I guess neither does anybody else of us.

I was in our lokal tec shop on the weekend and found the CE copy there, wich does say on the cover it´s SP and MP, what it does not tell you is that you need a internetconection to play, just that you need one (and a steam acount) to register.

Yes, this is the HQ art from 1989.
I was of my rockers when I got the base game for cristmass.
I also spend hours to draw up maps and inventing quests for my brother and me.
So I have some old memories of that time too.

So good to see people still recognise this simple masterpeace of a time where MP was done on a table with folks sitting together =).


Am I the only one finding it odd that we lose single player offline and Funcom is announcing a new single player game. Hopefully they fix the offline play issue and it doesn’t morph into buy an update/new game to get offline play.

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No you are not, I also find it…lets say…odd…

It would be interesting if the developers have added the ability to log on to the server and the mods on it were set automatically. It is extremely difficult to sit on multiple servers at the same time with different mods that need to manually remove and add others.

Not yet, but it´s sayed to be on the bench.
As I´m tired to redo my mod list I play SP for now.
Just too many things mod´s can do what the base game (specially for SP) does´nt.

But beside of playing real offline again, this is on my top 10 wishlist as well.

Please, please, please release a OFFLINE Mode!

I have no time to look at no voting bord with buggs and features, and don´t whant to vote neither.
Just to remind you, it´s still not posible to play offline.

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