Playing with friends (PC)

Hi I’m new to the game and have just started playing on a server with a friend of mine but I can not see an option to party/group up, I don’t really care about icons on maps or anything I just want to know how we can stop auto targeting each other and also build in the same area and building plus share the workbenches.
I was told you look at a player and hold E but I get a sound that makes you think a menu has opened but there is none visible and I can’t see a clan tab in the menus anywhere.
I am wondering is it a server side thing? can clans and grouping up be disabled on servers?
If so I guess I will need to find another server.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

One (and only one!) of you need to create a clan first, and then you can meet up (in person) and invite that person to your clan.

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How do I make a clan?
I can not see it in the menu when I press escape and I looked in settings and could not find there.
And I would assume when you meet up you hold the E key while looking at them?
did the menu not open because we both were not in a clan.
Sorry for all the questions

It’s not in the main menu, but it can be accessed through the “inventory/feats etc” screens. There’s also a keyboard shortcut I believe, but can’t remember it at the moment.

So basically, press “i” or one of the other buttons to enter the character menu (not main menu), then click the Clan tab:

And create a clan through that.


Thank you I will take a look, I appreciate your help.

But remember - if you create your own clan then you will never join any other clan, just two of you forever. Of course you can disband your little clan but then you’ll loose ALL your buildings, thralls and pets (there is no way to pass clan property to any player not in this clan). Property system in CE is far from perfect.

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Just got to say thanks to the both of you been very helpful but I do have one last unrelated question to save me from making a new thread, what do thralls do?
If I put them on a work bench will it decress the amount of ingredients required to craft or speed it up or both?

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It depends on thrall’s tier and on workbench too. All T1 thralls speed up crafting. Some T2+ thralls save fuel (if their workbench consumes it) and most of them decrease amount of ingredients except Smelters and Tanners (of any Tier). T3-T4 Blacksmiths, Armorers and Carpenters give you some bonus recipes depending on their faction. All Alchemists give you the same 3 bonus recipes for Orbs. Cooks of all factions give you the same bonus recipes at Stove, quantity of recipes depending on their Tier. Yes you can use Cook at Firebowl Cauldron too. There will be no Orb recipes but faster crafting and saving fuel (with T2+ Cook). And Archers and Fighters help to protect your property just as pets do but you have to feed them, to give them some decent armor and weapons. So I prefer pets, Greater Hyena in particular.


Thanks for the help, how Do i know what tier a thrall is. I found in some small town/city a dancer who actually had a name.

A named NPC that you can knock out is a tier 4.

The lower tiers don’t have personalised names but go by race, class and tier Eg Stygian fighter III is a tier 3 fighter

… his health pool will depend upon where you found him ie his faction/location.

Named thrallls also will vary in health points /toughness depending upon where you find them.

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Better not try to knock down named Dancer while you’re too low-levelled :wink: They are VERY naughty, make bleeding with their daggers so I just kill Dancers. One is enough for one base to clear corruption (when you get it in some ruins).

I don’t feel that this warning paints the full picture, so I’ll try to elaborate…

If you two form a clan, then any items you each own will then be owned by the clan. If you end up making other friends on the server and they are NOT in a clan, you can add them and their possessions will then become owned by the clan. Anyone that subsequently leaves the clan will lose access to anything that was owned by the clan, even if it was originally their property. HOWEVER, there is a caveat to this.

If you are the last member of a clan (i.e. you are leader and have removed all other members), then you can leave the clan and EVERYTHING that the clan owned will transfer to your personal ownership. Yes the warning message you receive seems to state otherwise, but I’ve tested this and had other people on my official server do the same and it works fine. (If you don’t believe me, join a random server with your friends and test it out yourself.) Now it’s possible that this behavior was not always the case (that’s the feeling I get from Ko6ka’s and others that I’ve seen give the same warning), but that’s how it works at present.

So, in the event that you two make friends with someone in another clan and want to join THAT clan, you could do so by removing all of your friends from your clan, leaving/disbanding the clan, then accepting the invite into the new clan.

Hope this helps.

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I have not experienced this issue personally, but one of my clannies told me this works in SP. He uses it to do thrall combat tests.

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