PlayStation Update 2.4/2.4.6 Official Discussion Megathread

Awesome…hey while your teams are focused PS stuff and got their certification people available…how’s that 2.5 coming? :wink:


Official PVE-C 3827 has some serious lag that wasn’t there yesterday and I’m the only one logged in. Has anyone else popped in to 3827 yet who can confirm?

Also, decay timers are still off in 3827.

I also believe the moon is rising and setting in a different part of the sky. Not a big deal but seemed off to me. Could just be my failing memory.


Need the server reverted, the workaround was not applied.

We’ve disabled the following setting ‘dw.DisableBuildingValidation’. This has been set to 1 by default for now

Ahora mismo me va fatal el servidor de siptah de pve conflict europa. Asido poner actualizaciones y todo mal.

En el 8041 tambien va fatal desde la actualización. Asi empezó con los otros servidores de pve c Europa del exilio. Mala pinta tiene esto

2.5 is coming along and should be out fairly soon on consoles. Again, need to be vague here just in case, but I would expect it in the next couple weeks (knocks on wood :adnyplz: ).


You will be everyone’s favorite :heart:person if all this works. Check into vitality armor if it doesn’t. Rooting for U.


After the update, it turned out a good turn-based strategy

How do you mean? :thinking: My update won’t finish downloading until shortly before I get home from work, lol. I have high hopes this update improves the game stability

I have very strong lags now after the update. The game freezes every 5 sec for 2 to 4 sec. Especially in areas where there is a large base or many NPCs are present. Before the update this was not the case. Does anyone have the same problem and possibly a solution? o.o


Hi. I have the same problem. I have two consoles and on both, under my character, I have such lags. At the same time, my wife plays normally on both consoles. I’m going to recreate my character and see what happens

Everything is fine on Siptah, problems on exiles

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Hi Andy, thanks for the patch! Updating right now and I’m already impatient to get going lol!


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Twitch gear is NOT solved. Still not appearing either in feats nor in benches :sob:

Yeah thought so too

Ya I’d really like those Decay timers back on.
So much clutter. Doesn’t help with the lag

We’ve got bush!!!

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Sorry guys, the lags and the rubber banding is back. This nightmare is back again, you cannot run walk do anything without lags, is there any chance for hot fix. I cannot play, please, thank you.


So, still slow rendering, rubber banding, and invisible NPCs, but we have a new armor set.

How does this help, exactly?


thanks for getting the first update out, sadly, the game is unplaable due to ruberbanding even when walking solo, twitch items not implimented.

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