PlayStation Update 2.4/2.4.6 Official Discussion Megathread

Candles, my bedroom was on stages with tons a books, candles. Just stuff. Still annoyed. I feel you.


My experience with the update, it runs really smoothly on my PS Pro again. :heart_eyes:

I’m really satisfied, there are still minor problems.:wink:

When I open a workbench or chest, the system takes 3-4 seconds.

I really enjoy playing again.

Now I’m waiting for my first purge, because I delayed it for an extra long time.:hugs:

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So now I’ve reached the point where I have to say that this game is unplayable. Before this patch it ran much better, sure you had invisible enemies now and then for a while, but you could at least still move from A to B. Now you just manage to make one hit in combat, which makes it impossible to fight. Especially on PvP servers this is a disaster. If my base gets raided by people who might not have this problem, I can’t even defend myself against it and can only watch as everything gets destroyed.

Many players and I too have spent enough money with this game, for all the DLCs etc.
Somewhere then we also have the right to get a working game without constantly waiting 3 - 6 months for an update that is supposed to “improve” anything.

I am not a developer, I can very well imagine that it is definitely not easy. But other developers manage it too, many even release a new patch or hotfix within 24 hours that fixes the problem, for example if there are such lags.
But here you have to wait forever until an answer comes. And even if there is an answer from Funcom, you don’t get any smarter.

I am not a person who grumbles or complains a lot. But here we have now reached a point that even makes me angry.


So I have the new patch, and am playing now.
There is more lag and freezing now, and load times are longer, especially in crafting stations. It is not unplayable but it is not as smooth as before, and especially annoying during combat.

Compared to what all I have read here, I cannot complain, as I do not get five minutes freezing or “rubber banding”. I really hope this gets fixed for those affected. At least for me I can still play and have fun.
But it was much smoother before this. I am on single player Exile Lands, by the way.

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Same here. Deleted the game and reinstalling game… doubt it will help tho

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Just a slight annoyance compare to the other thing, the bench sorting menu keep moving the cursor out the menu each time when changing the sorting order.


Finally at least someone said which map they are playing! Because I am going crazy, I am playing on Siptah and have no issues whatsoever. A take it, others who reported rubber banding in freezes are playing on Exiles Lands too…

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It doesn’t matter on which map you are playing. I have lags on both maps. I can play normally only on servers without another players. If there is at least one player except me I can’t play without freezing every 5 seconds.
Another player who can play without lags has one more difference with me - she has all the players on any server are muted by default

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Was this an issue on PC and Xbox? I looked in those sections, I see no mention of it. :confused:

What’s your region? I’ve tested all most populated EU official PvP servers on both maps and everything seems fine. The only minor lag and frame drop is when I was near enormously big clan bases

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EU. I think I have some setting on or off in my PS account and because of this setting all players are unmuted for me. And the game tries to collect some information about another players every 5 seconds

Just tested the most populated EU server on Siptah (15/40). All the players were muted. No lag. I then unmuted all the players, and still no lag. Does this happen to you even if you create a new character? What if this has something to do with existing characters? Although, I’ve tested all my pre-patch characters and they were fine… Hm.

I created a new character, but no changes

If I were you, I would do the following:

  1. Message other players from the server and ask if they experience the same issues
  2. Depending on their answer, ask about their ISP and the country they are from
  3. Test tracing from you to the server, and then send the results to g-portal.

I would bet 10 bucks that all of you who reported rubber banding and freezing are either from the same country, or traffic from you to g-portal goes through the same route. I remember an episode not related to Conan, when all my friends from my country were unable to matchmake in HyperScape game because had some technical issues. But then again, why this started to happen only after the patch?

Game is so dead that you came here to flog a dead horse :ok_hand: way to spend your spare time.


Last night my wife and I played I go into benches and can make items nothing shows up for her she logged out multiple times and turned off ps4 no different were on Siptah so we watched a movie. Would unplugging unit help or doing a reinstall? We didn’t move along the map to check for other issues. @Community any suggestions

People have tried all those things, but to no avail. Not saying you should not try, but I doubt it will help :frowning:

Prueba lo siguiente: con el mando en la mano izquierda enciende y apaga la luz de tu comedor de 3 a 6 veces luego reza un padre nuestro y siéntate en el suelo, después de esto tu problema se ha solucionado :rofl::rofl:

Depends, It can help if related to issue with data base.

Rebuilding database can help, before reinstall. It could also be home network issue, or Setting thats causing her side to act weird.

I did rebuild for my brothers ps4, (he was having issue seeing our base) Helped some.

My Brother main issue, is he downloads games and patches, and uses Ps4 for netflix/games… He always seems have issues. XD
I tend always use rest mode, or lit it sit on its own. =3

I also have SSD external…

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