Pleace discontinue and replace the catapult

I really dont like the catapult.

  1. It is very hard to defend against, and it almost dosent help to build a good base because of the catapult.
  2. It forces people to spam foundations to claim a large area around their base, so people cant build a catapult within range
  3. Its something you have to construct. Its boring and unfun way to fight.
  4. It leads to enemies leaving catapult bases near your base after they finished raiding you or attempting too.

Far better would be to remove the constructed catapult from the game and replace it with a ballista or scorpion that you roll into battle like a cannon on wheels. anything you dont have to construct a base to use basically. Advantages that i foresee is:

  1. No more foundations spamming and enemy catapult bases all over like a plague.
  2. More actionpacked/fun/sexy, way of doing battles.
  3. No more OP catapults that easily avoids all the strenghts of a good base.

This is atleast my suggestion. When thats said, thank you for a otherwise very good game.

Get yourself a t3 altar with a t3 priest, place god bubble. It protects from all projectiles.

Or give Trebuchet wheels and allow them to be moved which fixes the foundation problem. Would be cool if players had to construct a Trebuchet on their home turf and had to roll it out to get to enemy keeps with it.


A trebuchet gets destroyed by 1 explosive jar.


I like that idea a lot :smiley:

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so basically build your base in a place thats inacessible for giant wheeled siege engines. GG. very balanced. stuff is fine as it is.

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We are missing some type of ram for the door tho… maybe they could make one of those, like… was it called a battering ram?

well that would be a decent idea, except that this thing could become obsolete when gates and or doors are elevated off the ground…

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dammit, i forgot about those pillar castles :sob:

This is why we cant have nice things!

and what about gates with stairs and or fences infront of them, effectively blocking access for a ram.

I think you could just batter down the stairs and go for the foundation then :smiley:

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oh btw i made a huge castle in the ocean in the jungle. where the outer superstructure just hangs on the inner. so basically its inaccesible by land when the bridges are up (too much foundation and fences on the sides) and since the nearest shores are built on you cant place a treb there either.

basically invulnerable (unless you want to dig trough 4 layers of T3 fenced foundation to reach the foundations on which the castle actually stands on)

trebs can be used tho, but rams would be utterly useless…

(note; it actually has an underwater entrence that is followed by an underground maze which drowns anyone that doesnt swim the correct path on the first try. it was fun to build but not so much fun to test out…)

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Yeah, i know about the water world bases :slight_smile:

That why we need a big water monster out in the water near the jungle area :rofl:

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well a watermonster could be taken care of pretty easily…

simply; one row foundations on the bedrock. then a wall of pillars one high topped of with a ceiling. Rinse and repeat till you reach the surface.

that way when a single pillar or a couple of them get destroyed the bulk of the wall remains standing.

can also be done using a foundational wall but thats wayy harder to repair when a single block gets destroyed…

I was thinking a Kraken size monster :rofl:

I fell like the topic has change :stuck_out_tongue:

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well even they stop spawningn when their spawn gets blocked off lel.

and yeah but back to the topic.

a catapult on wheels (realistically has less range than a trebuchet) doesnt offer much advantages vs a static trebuchet thats already in the game.

imean trebuchets are one of the main selling points for the game (it was for me at least) how many gamers are there where you can build and fire siege engines yourself? (RTS, do not count)

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I have had a lot of fun with the current siege engine :slight_smile: I do feel that it’s really nice. It also takes some time to build so people do have some time to react :sunglasses:

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defenders SHOULD have the adventage since they didnt choose to be attacked.

Allow for siege scaffolding to be built, and temporary land bridges you can build anywhere in any location to roll out the Trebuchet onto or the battering ram. They decay fast but have no limitations for claimed land but are not as durable as regular fortifications.

except if they can be build on claimed land this would make it very easy to just sneak in and simply steal stuff when they arent online… kinda broken