Pleace discontinue and replace the catapult


True, only if players don’t secure their base. And don’t allow them to build on defenders fortifications but they can connect to them and around them. Make them easy to destroy and destructible 24/7.


bases can be secured trough different means. a tower 30ft from a cliff that has 3rows of ceiling on its side is already pretty hard to get into, with such a siege bridhe you could just place it on the cliff and make a jump. it would break the entire game and severely limit the options you have on how to build your base.


True, I suppose the main problem is the convenience factor. Being able to Insta build structures saves time but isn’t very realistic. You can have structures erected so quickly that changes like allowing people to build near you becomes game breaking. Because they can circumvent your defenses so fast. Where in real life, you couldn’t build a structure to raid someone quickly, and it would be even more difficult to do so without taking notice. But in a game you can build right next to your neighbor in seconds.


Anything that circumvents the land claiming would just turn this into minecraft. Why make a fancy extendable bridge if they can just build over the gap etc. You cant even claim with foundations anymore unless its connected to a large structure and if they do that then its a defense. Mobile siege weapons would be highly frustrating to use. Just imagine needing to push it by hand while getting attacked etc lol.


build walls… that ll prevent them from placing trebs…