Please add a buildable haystack to remove damage from leap of faith

So I just figured out we can do a leap of faith (Run, jump and tap C) please allow us to build this it would be fun to have.

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…With a chance to find a needle when you jump into it?

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There already are a couple of haystacks in the Riders of Hyboria DLC.

I wouldn’t mind them adding this sort of thing as a joke, though if it was added, I want it added to Coin Piles as well so we can do some Scrooge McDuck diving.


Looks at Riders of Hyboria dlc for hay.

And they used to work. We had those in front of a treebase once and you could jump down easily without getting damage.

But I don´t know if it still works.

Its also possible to build jump pits with building pieces, but you have to learn to aim when you fall.

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I did some tests to see if this feature was already a thing, but it does not appear to be.

No fall damage was negated on top of haystacks or coin piles, unfortunately.

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Thanks for testing it out for the current update.

We used this feature way before the 3.0 update. So I was not sure if it still works. Now we know.

Haystacks used to negate fall damage like jump pads/towers.

I know of people who have been suspended for having jump towers though as it was considered an exploit of the building system and mechanics to gain an unfair advantage. This was the explanation they were given. Even though it isn’t in the ToC we’re supposed to know this apparently.

So we don’t use those on officials anymore.

Adding a feature like this would contradict what I have described.

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Perhaps them formerly breaking fall damage wasn’t originally intended and was actually a bug?

That is the kind of bug that should become a feature…

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