Please add a minimap and compass

We shut them off. The only reason we see to use them is to keep track of your clan mates. So we have to open the map, no biggie.

This is a game about SURVIVAL in a dark fantasy world. Here almost everyone is trying to kill you, hunger, cold, crocodiles, bugs, and other players. The minimap is not needed here. Generally. There are mods where the minimap is in the interface, but as a PS4 player you will not see this. When you Irl run through the forest from a wild bear, your priority is to escape from danger, and not to check email on your smartphone.
I agree that a compass would be very useful. BUT! So that it was a separate skill learned at 30 lvl, and it had to be crafted, and it worked only while it was laid out on the quick access panel or only while it was in the hands.

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A craftable, which you can equip in your offhand. While equipped, a compass icon should be visible on the HUD somewhere.
Crafting cost: 1 iron bar, 5 glass and… 1 alchemical base/dragonpowder? Maaaybee??

Why? there is no hardship in land navigation. you always know where you are at and what direction you are going.
every modded server we have been on I have pointed this out, and the compass was removed. Another useless mod.
You can not get lost in Exiles, and surely not in Siptah.

Mini maps do serve a purpose, but take from the survival immersion.

Redwood forest is very easy to get lost in. I’m finally getting better at navigating in it, but it’s still a struggle.

Exiled Lands have so many different landmarks to navigate by. I’m an urban person, so Siptah redwood forest has finally taught me why people get lost in forests :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree to both suggestions!

How do you find where you are in RL, you open a map.
Im RL there is not tear drop pointing the way your are going. So Exiles is already easier than being lost for real.

Compass I can get on board with but hell no to a mini map, this is conan not gta :rofl:

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I personally don’t want more interface clutter
A very simple compass that only show north south west and east would be okay

Can you please explain the hitpoint meter, stamina, etc? Cuz I’m pretty sure I don’t have one of those in RL either.

I’m sorry, but a simple compass is a very reasonable request. I agree, you do learn the map and can see where you are on the mini-map, but if the health bar and water icon don’t break your immersion, then a simple compass won’t either. And it could be easily turned off in options for people that don’t want it.

NO dont easymode the game, is no problem to navigate as it is, or is you the type that cant go work whitout googelmap?