Please add an option to disable admin-panel console enable command in SP

You lose your stuff on official servers when you go on vacation for a week, and now the purge.
You lose your stuff on unofficial servers when the admin wipes the server, or implements the purge. And you have admin abuse.

Even if the admin rocks, if the server has a mod, it needs to restart every time a mod has an update. Imagine the mod carries 4 mods… Up to 4 restarts a day.

The game can, and should be solo friendlier. Not everyone feels comfortable running a base with a buncha poeple. Too many people at home makes it a prison.

But you know what? I might just give unofficial servers a try. I just need an admin who is immune against burn-out caused by admin-panel induced boredom.


Don’t fear the mods, they usually only update in the days after the base game updates, thus being the only time necessary for a restart. Yes, being on someone else’s server is inconvenient if/when the server does need a reset and they don’t have a designated time or announcement beforehand.

I just avoid official servers because of griefing that can not be regulated, server settings that aren’t options (I prefer 2x gathering/xp), and no possibility of having mods (love emotes and costumes). For me (not everyone), The preferred play choice is private RP servers with active admins. :smiley:

I’ve had a few days to think about it.

Conan Exiles singleplayer is not gonna be much different from Skyrim when it comes to cheats.
And it also made me understand why Bethesda turns off achievements on Fallout 4 when mods are activated.

So, i’m cool with the console being hidden behind a console command. Kinda pointless swimming against the stream here.