Please Add at least one PVE-C server in SA for the weekend

We would love to have at least one PVE-C server to play this weekend, a lot o people (including me) are unable to play in the server that we started, and since we didn’t really had an ETA for the fix, we just kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and now it’s been 2 days since we are waiting to fix the servers, so, if the fix doesn’t seen to be coming soon (i know that is not you guys that will fix, you host your servers in a 3rd party), we would love to have one more PVE server, and it been PVE-C would be really awesome, we still only have 2 PVE servers for all south america, and one is not working.

TL;DR Please add one PVE-C server, from the 2 PVE servers we have, one is out of order.

PS: Thanks for adding more PVP servers.

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Agree, they added 3 PVP last night and those got full really fast! But the ex PvE-C server 1995 it’s always full with the day 1 players. So you have space for at least 2 PvE-C, trust us, they will get filed!

@AndyB Sorry to bother, but do you have any idea if there are any plans on adding more PVE (luckly a PVE-C) servers on SA ?

I really want to play the game, and at the moment we in SA who want to play PVE are unable to play because of the servers problems.

I know it’s a bit selfish to ask priority, but the other regions have servers to play (even if full at times), meanwhile, we who also paid for the game are not able to play (PVE at least).

We have 7 PvP servers, 2 PvE and 1 PvE-C… 7 PvP it’s enough but 2 PvE and 1 Conflict… doble this plz.