Please add Convergence Trap functionality in EL

We would like to add the ability to use the Convergence Trap in our EL server. As admin with “UnlockAllRecipes” I have the “Recipe: Invoke Convergence” and “Recipe: Revoke Convergence”.
And it works fine using the “Lesser ???” resetting the purge / or activate it.

But as a non admin you need those 2 Recipies. And in Siptah you get those simply by going into a shrine and pressing the scroll learning you the Elder Construction.
But I cant find a way to give players in EL those 2 recipies… have funcom totally forgot this? Or is there a way?


It’s not only incredibly lame of Funcrom to make this a Siptah-exclusive. They also went on to make such a mess of server transfer that they disabled it rather than fix it, so you can no longer go to Siptah for the recipes. And they also changed the way this works - it used to be that the convergence trap itself had the recipes, so if you could acquire a convergence trap on EL you could use it. Then it was changed so you actually need recipes to use the trap.


All they need connect two servers to gather and make it portal jump.

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Yeha sometimes you wonder how Funcom plan things… I mean all these years and Sandstone still dont have gate for example? :stuck_out_tongue:
Well this controlling purge shouldnt be too much work getting to work in EL, lets hope they fix this soon!