Please add mounts to the game

Please add mounts to the game asap. It’s tiring having to run from west to east of the map if I want to get something from that side(i know there are teleport nodes). But I still rather tame an animal to take me there. I don’t mind waiting till after the bugfixes are done but pls think about adding them (horses etc.).

if you are on a PC and is an admin on private server consider using pippi mod for warps.

i know its not enslave a horse but its a temporary solution until tame and mount start to roll in.

There is nothing but dust to beat off this dead horse…

but I’ll bite.

Fine to mounts as long as we are given the option to disable them on private servers. Mounts make game worlds smaller and allow content to be skipped far to easily. I don’t want that feature anywhere near me. Transport mounts for large inventory space would be great, but absolutely no speed mounts.