Please add screen edge panning / scrolling to combat and ability to rotate camera with just keyboard

Currently you can only pan with keyboard, edge panning with mouse is a common standard in isometric games and it would really make the combat mode more fluid for me.

Also since you use keyboard to pan, it’s odd you can’t rotate with just the keyboard… please make that you can also rotate screen with just the keyboard, like standard Q= to the left and E = to the right…

Have you tried to use Q? If you hold it down and move the mouse you rotate.
I found it a bit different to what I was used to as I kept holding down right mouse button and expecting I could rotate that way.

I would also have liked to be able to rotate in both the X-Y-Z axis instead of the limiting we have.

Thanks Lerun, I indeed noticed that, but it’s not as fluid and requires both mouse and keyboard, would be much more consistent to rotate with keys if you have to pan with the keys.

BTW: you can use middle-mouse button to rotate if you have three-buttons in mouse, but I also would like to map to right button.