Please add sprint attacks and jump attacks to all weapons

Hello all,

If youve been playing, you’ve surely noticed the trick where if someone is attacking you with any weapon other than a spear and you need to recover stamina, all you have to do is unlock your character and walk directly away from the attacker and their attack will miss.

I think that is a major flaw to the games PvP. It essentially leàves only 1 functional weapon for PvP combat, that being the spear. Nerfing the spear or adjusting it to be slower or whatever is no bueno, since then you would have no weapons for pvp.

I think a simple solution to this is either a jump attack or an attack while sprinting. Then ALL weapons could close the distance with the enemy and thus land an attack unless they dodge or block.

Basically, it HAS to happen for the combat system to function as intended, unless you sped up the first attack of every weapon.

But thats just me. What does the community think?

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