Please Add Vote To Kick For PVP

We’ve been down this road before-

All of our request are ignored funcom literally do not care , they don’t care about the game , they don’t care about the players , they don’t care about the afk and cheaters in minis , they are a terrible company with terrible business ethics. What other companies do you know who rely on people paying monthly for a service yet completely ignore you. A company that will ban you in 2 minutes for bad language but will let some hack their code with programs and do nothing about it.

A vote to kick system is desperately needed and they just make out there is nothing going on , Shame on them and their pathetic abilities at running this game, if their plan is to run it into the ground they are nearly there.


all we can do is to go in other games forums like Conan Exiles, Mutant, Unconquered and create same topics, i know, its like spam, but we need to be noticed by FC

Size of the problem right now is huge and we need you, FUNCOM, to do something about that.
We just asking about tool, that will allow us to have fair and competetive game, wihtout afk trolls and cheaters.
Let us votekick. Thats all.

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I wish it was that easy that we ask and they actually reply, we have been asking for fixes to the afk and cheaters for so long now, and they still give us silence, it speaks volumes to us as customers more then their words ever can. I judge them on their silence and reluctance to answer our questions as should everyone else as it shows their contempt and ignorance to us as customers.


we must wait until next dev stream on any Funcom game and ask em there, send link to this topic and etc. If 10+ ppl will ask same question on stream they will react somehow

I have asked them on stream before when we had a big thread here few months ago and the answer was that its not in their plans.

https ://forums. funcom. com /t/to-funcom-devs-we-need-your-attention/89237 lets reply here too

shame that there are no answer from FC devs…


There never is man you grow accustomed to it sadly , they quick to act for bad language breaking the EULA but they don’t in force the part about programs interfering with the games code they just go silent on that one.

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