Please bring back a few Mayham servers

Mayham servers were great pvp servers and felt the most balanced as far as raiding was concerned. I think 50 or so servers of this mode would keep them from controlled by "Alpha"s too much.

What’s a Mayham server?



24/7 raiding and pvp on the server
no set raid times . All one pvp all the time.

some people need a live … but playing 24/7 is sick…

Not for playing 24/7 the server is raiding is available 24/7. As in no set raid time.

Well you don’t have to play on Mayhem servers…

Would be fun though, also with monthly wipes and 4x XP/gather.

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Nah , gathering crutches and building crutches would simply ruin the point of the servers. It would make them like private server ghosttowns that drop like flies with shut downs and abuse.

Mayham servers would still have normol decay and the players would be the building wipes if the needs be.

Mayhem server with dynamic building turned on with decay twice as fast.

That might work

Faster decay time so if A clan makes huge wall where B clan build inside it.

The decay timer

Not sure why players can’t just be expected to break the wall ?

PvE players don’t know that building damage exists :joy:

Raid timers seem very artificial to hardcore pvp fighting and very safe/protected combat compared.

Well…I’m just an Offline Singleplayer myself, but let me see if I can work it out on behalf of these oblivious PvEers eh? So, when a Purge spawns in and the NPCs smash holes in the walls and foundations, or even worse, they raze the entire structure to the ground, what do PvE players perceive? And moreover, what do they attribute this damage to?


Obviously some PvP exploiters who have hacked the server.


Yep. Either that or an unexplained phenomenon helium3. :laughing: Bugs? Act of Crom!

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Blame the Silent Legion they don’t seem to mind.

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Agree. They’re inconsiderate bastards if ever I have seen them. No respect or regard for other peoples property.

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So perfect for the world of Conan ? Savage place to survive .

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One up that mayhem server idea and have permadeath too. If you die it deletes your character and send you to the creation screen lol.

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They also don’t know that you can hurt/stagger each other when doing PvE content with multiple people.

Maybe that could be another mode like with pve-c this could be Mhm- h ?