Please bring back fast servers

As the title say, please bring back at least a few fast servers (PVE for my case). Not everyone has the massive amount of time available to play at normal speed, you are pushing away lots of people that bought the game since pre-alpha and now cannot enjoy it anymore due to this decision.

For people, like me, that between work, commute and family can arrange at most a few hours a day to play, the ritm of fast servers was just right to enjoy the game.

If you don’t want to do that, at least please disable the inventory drop on death for some pve servers, as that alone could at least improve the experience when the time to play is short and it’s not possible to backtrack to the location of death.


I’m in the same boat. I log on for a couple of hours after the kids go to bed if I’m lucky.
Was having a lot more fun in ea than now.
The balance between survival and fun is off.
Fun is losing.

Been playing on fast servers as well, loved em. Expected to have em on launch.
But now, Im enjoying back 1x. Yes, I have a job (writing from there…xD) and in two hours I can make many advancements, tame some thralls, build stuff etc. For me its pretty balanced.

Know the problem of fast servers? We will enjoy it, but many will come back in a few weeks, asking for a higher level cap, for example, because fast servers will have helped rushing the game.

I respect your opinion, but give it a try. At levels 30 or so you will level once or twice per day, like in mmos, and your sense of progression will last longer, imo.

I think I could live with the 1x speed of xp, the 1x gather is much more boring but I guess you can waste a lot of points to unlock 2x with the useless survival attributes set.

But at least please avoid all the items to drop once dead. It means that if I want to use decent gear (which now it will cost much more time to create) and go exploring, if I die I probably won’t have enough time to backtrack and I’ll loose everything.

It also makes gathering trips extremely more tedious as you cannot over-encumber yourself. These are all things that makes the game less fun, not more challenging.

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play on SP and spawn all what your need

I don’t care so much about the 2x but keeping the items on death would save a lot of time with having to track down your body or craft new stuff.

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