Please bring over these IMPORTANT posts to new forums



Seriously, this should have been done before even opening up the new forums…

All old patch notes.
All posts with game GUIDES.

You need to get all this information here for new and returning players so they can find it easily, not get frustrated, and end up leaving.

Also, add more sub forums like CLASSES and CRAFTING otherwise you are making it far harder for new/returning players to find information…you need to make things easier for those players, remove roadblocks and increase the odds of their staying.


Add in a dev tracker again too: the ‘new posts’ did not bother to include any sort of ‘server update’ notice that the game would be down today. Or did you not bother to put that in this time?


Had to scroll through the age of conan entire forums line to find the ‘update’

Please give us back the dev tracker…I check these forums on a daily basis and I did not see the ‘server down’ notes listed on those ‘new posts’

having to scan every post looking for a dev post manually is annoying


The loss of game guides, and class guides is terrible. Please correct this. Move all pinned posts as well


We’ll work on getting a dev tracker up.

Link me threads and guides. Every post like this suggesting this has not been able to provide specific examples of what players actually want preserved.

Or heck, you can try posting a guide yourself. Either way, please just be specific.


I was trying to bring over/post these scripts here in the new forums BUT it seems new users are limited to 2 links per post




Thanks! I’ll look into these.


ALL patch notes
ALL game guides

Are you actually asking people to post links to every single one of them? over 10 years worth?!?

You guys are seriously shooting yourselves in the foot here by making new players jump through loops to find information on the game…constant complaint on Saga is lack of info.


Some of the class sub-forums have some really detailed and cool guides, HoX for instance:


However most other classes don’t have big posts like this, and have more smaller ones.



I understand your concerns here; the old forums aren’t being deleted - just archived. We’ll be able to still go through and pick things out as needed, but please note that this new forum and the old forum are running on 100% different systems, so copying guides and info is a 100% manual process that will take time. That’s why I’d like input and help from you guys to see what to prioritize first. I also encourage folks to help out and move guides over on their own too. I hope that makes sense. Thanks :slight_smile:


I read Chrizdc reply that there is a limit to the number of links we can put into a post. Would it be more efficient or helpful if we sent a private message with the string of forum posts we think are essential to be copied over to you directly?

I am hoping you can bring over entire threads for some posts as they contain useful information on multiple pages and not just the first post(s).
And I’ve also held back bombarding you with posts to give people time to migrate their own threads if they are still active on the forums and/or in game. (and recognising a lot of us are playing on Saga intensely.) But I think some have stopped a long time ago…such as the creator of the a couple of the raid guides as below that I would like moved to this forum:


Sure, you can DM me suggestions.




This post contains useful information. Burn to death dot damage increase with selfbuffs and target debuffs.


I don’t know if ANZU has copied his own material over but everything he mentions here: